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Cost plan - new

Finance plan new.JPG

Cost plan by

  • project partners,
  • phases (workpackages),
  • cost categories, cost areas
  • periods,
  • by project / phase
  • eligible costs,
  •  % cofinancing....

Project finance settings

  1. project periods - by project plan, by reporting periods. Set periods in PROJECT / SCORECARD / PERIODS
  2. level of co-financing - project plan, application form. Set cofinancing levels in PROJECT / SCORECARD / CO-FINANCING LEVELS
  3. project work plan - workpackages - Set workpackages in PROJECT / TASK & MILESTONES (add phase)

Possible fields:

  • cost description: text field
  • units: custom drop-down list general
  • eligible cost by unit,
  • number of units,
  • eligible cost (net),
  • % VAT,
  • total cost (gross)
  • ineligible cost (VAT) (value)
  •  % co-financing: project custom setting scorecard – co-financing
  • co-financing amount (value)
  • own contribution: difference between co-financing level and ineligible costs (value)
  • cost type
  • cost area
View content of rows and culumbs.
Filters: by organization, by period, by cost area (if enabled)

How to edit finance plan

New entry in plan.JPG

New line

  • click button ENTER
  • Fill-in empty cells in the line.
  • confirm entry by clicking 4.2.9.ikonaKljukcaZelena.jpg or cancel entry 4.7.ikonaRdecKrizec.jpg

Edit table

New entry in plan empty line.JPG

Each line can be deleted (if there are no bound entries), edited or copied:

  • editing: click icon 2.2.2.ikonaSvincnik.jpg ordouble click on the line,
  • edit cells
  • confirm4.2.9.ikonaKljukcaZelena.jpg or cancel 4.7.ikonaRdecKrizec.jpg. 4PM checks if all requred fields are filled in. Missing entries are coloured red and entry cannot be saved.
  • copy - select a line and click COPY, edit copy 2.2.2.ikonaSvincnik.jpg.
  • delete: select a line and click DELETE.


If any line has bound records it cannot be deleted or edited. Bound records occur when:

  • you enter cost in tab cost
  • or enter task for personnel cost.

Indirect cost (overheads)

Indirect cost plan.JPG

4PM calculates value of indirect cost by formula:

  •  % of value of planned cost

Indirect cost can be planned by organization and phase/project.