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New project

New projects are entered in tab PROJECTS / NEW PROJECT:

  1. select project type - selection is set in the licence. Project type cannot be changed latter.
  2. form with fields for basic data in the scorecard is opened
  3. fill in required fields (obligatory fields are marked with *).
    1. project name
    2. project group
    3. main project participants: project manager, client and main contact person
    4. start date

All fields can be modified latter.

Before entering new project to 4PM

  1. gather general project data:
    • project name
    • project duration: estimated start and end date
    • project goals
  2. project team:
    • project organizational structure (project roles) and project team
    • external co-workers (suppliers, subcontractors, partners, ...)
    • client (organization's management for internal projects, customers)
  3. project budget
  4. activities for achieving the goals

New project by copying existing

Existing projects (i.e. project templates) can be copied:

  1. go to PROJECT TEMPLATE scorecard
  2. click button COPY to open COPY FORM:
  3. select what you wish to copy:
    1. general data (project scorecard - name, project duration...)
    2. project team
    3. project structure with tasks, milestones
    4. project structure with assignments (dates, planned hours, assignees)
    5. project cost plan (budget)
    6. project portal structure.

If you enter NEW START DATE, all planned project activities (tasks, milestones...) will move according to new start date.