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Persons can be distributed to 3 types:

  1. internal (co-workers): are persons who work in your organization; they can perform work for your organisation and can be assigned various tasks; they have a given position in the organization, an hourly fee or salary, work group as well as usage and access rights
  2. external: they are not employed in your organisation (subcontractor, private entrepreneur), but you have contracts of cooperation on individual projects. Within the limits of user rights, they can perform tasks and activities for your organization
  3. contacts: are persons from the external organisation who do not work for the organisation.

Entry of personal data

Use tab RESOURCES / PERSONNEL to enter personal details. Open a form for entering details, which is different according to category (INTERNAL, EXTERNAL, CONTACT).

Tip Persons can be added at each organization by clicking link ADD A PERSON. New person can be entered to 4PM when you enter general data on project (in project scorecard).

General on personal data

Each person can be entered to 4PM only one time. 4PM verifies by name, family name and e-mail. To connect person with various organizations use contact information for other organizations.

Person can have 3 different types of contact information:

  1. contact information at main organization (person is employed here, you select it in a form above).
  2. personal contact information (phone number, home address...)
  3. contact information for other organizations, you connect person and organization by adding "other contact information".

Example: Person is employee of Company A and is contact person for Company B.

New person entry VnosOseb1.jpg

Follow these steps to enter new person:

  1. select tab: internal, external, contacts
  2. click ADD to open a form
  3. select an organization from drop-down list
  4. fill-in required fields: NAME, FAMILY NAME and E-MAIL
  5. fill-in missing fields if available
  6. optional - add contact details for other organizations.

Hint: you can also add new person directly on Project / Team