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Project cost

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4PM supports 3 types of cost monitoring:

  • Organization costs - external costs (i.e subcontractors, suppliers, external co-workers)
  • Personnel costs - costs of our team members, directly connected to actual project work. The basis for the calculation is hourly fee and number of hours of work.
  • Indirect cost - overheads - calculation based on the calculation mode that is set in cost plan.

Organization costs

Are entered in tab FINANCE / ASSEMBLED COSTS

  • click ADD under the table to open a form
  • set if new entry is project or phase cost
  • select cost type (connected to cost plan - only planned cost types can be selected)
  • enter PAYER and COST HOLDER
  • select task
  • enter the cost VALUE
  • enter cost DESCRIPTION (text field)
  • attach a document if necessary (copy of the invoice, contract). The document you upload here, is in the folder DOCUMENTS / FINANCE.

Personnel costs - other

  • When you enter a cost that is connected to team member you need to connect a cost with a task. This is possible if selected team member has allocated task.
  • Mark if a person is entitled to cost reimbursement.
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Personnel costs

Assembled cost include real-time overview of PERSONNEL COSTS, result from entries of work done on task. The basis for personnel cost calculation is hourly fee X reported hours. Personnel cost show real-time overview actual project costs.


If user has disabled hourly fee access than analytical overview of personnel cost cannot be seen (only number of reported hours is accessible).

Personnel costs - travel

This overview assembles reported project travel costs by 4PM users. Travel costs can be reported to 4PM only if they are included in cost plan.

Travel cost can be reported in 2 modes:

  • Work and expense entry (simple)
  • Travel orders (only available if Travel order module is included in the licence) - only liquidated Travel orders.

Time filters

Assembled cost overview can be set to various time frames with the use of time filters' on the top. To set default project overview click 4.2.8.ikonaKljuc.jpg to select:

  • by month (calendar)
  • by project periods (set in SCORECARD)
  • custom
  • default overview is the project duration.

When you move from tab to tab, set time frames stay the same.