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4PM document management system supports:

  • arranged documents in project folders and sub-folders
  • advanced search options for the documents (by content, title, date of publication)
  • version control and
  • access control to folders (view, edit, downloads, uploads)
  • easy editing of folder access rights (view, edit)
  • multi-upload of files
  • e-mail notifications with links to file(s) (send a link via e-mail).
  • e-mail notifications with links to folders
  • file commenting
  • moving files between folders (copy, cut, paste)
  • history of file use: downloads, links by e-mail, versions

Folders - structure

Each project folder has 4 sub-folders by default settings:

  • TASKS - all documents added to task or project comments and description fields.
  • FINANCE - documents added to cost and income entries.
  • PORTALS - documents added to project portal.
  • LAST CHANGES - last documents added or changed in a folder and its sub-folders (according to user access rights).
  • access to folders Tasks, Finance, Portals depends on access rights to corresponding functionalities.

Each folder can have new folders and sub-folders. Sub-folder inherits access rights of parental folder. Access rights can be modified.

Adding new folder

New folder.png
  1. select folder (bold) to add subfolder
  2. Click the icon add folder 10.IkonaDodajMapo.jpg.
  3. Enter folder name and confirm

Folder info

New folder info.png

Click Info.gif to open:

  • folder info Info ikona.PNG
  • folder history - Zgodovina ikona.PNG and
  • set user access rights Pravice ikona.PNG

New subfolders inherit the access rights of the parent folder. Rights can be adjusted for each folder. Each folder can have preset the default rights (see, edit) for new team members.

Display mode of a folder


The content of the selected folders (bold) appears in the central list. You can set layout mode Application view list.png:

  1. Select folder
  2. Click switch layout Application view list.png
    • list
    • grid

Folder access rights

Folder access.png
  1. clickPravice ikona.PNG
  2. set access rights to users:
    • no view 4.7.ikonaRdecKrizec.jpg
    • can view 10.IkonaOko.jpg
    • can view and edit 2.2.2.ikonaSvincnik.jpg
  3. find users in search field 2.2.2.ikonaLupa.jpg or by project role (dropdown list)
    • If you change the rights for different users, use the reset button for reverting the changes back to the initial state.
    • Set access rights for individual users.
  • NEW FOLDER inherits default access rights of parent folder.
    • view 10.IkonaOko.jpg - users can see (and download) the content (files or subfolders) of folder.
    • edit 2.2.2.ikonaSvincnik.jpg - user can edit the content (change versions, access to older versions, comments, metadata …).
  • grey fields cannot be changed.

NEW - Folder link

Folder link email.png

Each folder has a link you can:

  1. copy (and attach it to comment)
  2. send folder link by e-mail notification.


Uploading new files

File upload.png
  1. select folder (bold)
  2. to start upload click 10.IkonaDodajDokument.jpg.
  3. select file (from your computer)
  4. multiple files can be uploaded (use ctrl / shift) at once
  5. uploaded filed appear as content in the selected folder

NEW - Downloading files

  • one click - select file
  • double click - start downloading file

NEW - Automatic versioning


If you upload a file with the same name as a file already in a folder, 4PM identifies a conflict. You can

  • override old file with the new version (automatic versioning) or
  • rename and load it or them as new file

NEW - Advanced features

You can

  • copy File copy.png (ctrl+c) and paste File paste.png (ctrl+v) to other folder
  • cut File cut.png (ctrl+x) d paste File paste.png (ctrl+v) to other folder
  • delete or
  • send document link by e-mail Email.gif
    • select recipient (or a group) to send notification with file / folder link and comment;
    • select multiple files (ctrl, shift + click) to send multiple links by e-mail (you send only links to files, not files).
    • select recipients from the list of users with access rights.
  • files can be locked for editing 16-security-lock.png. Other users can see the file, download the file but cannot change it. Only user that locked the file can unlocked it 16-security-lock-open.png

File details - right side window

File info.png

Each file has history details and meta data Info.gif

  • renaming the file - 2.2.2.ikonaSvincnik.jpg
  • uploaded by: user
  • version: number of version
  • uploaded: date and time of upload
  • size: file size

downloads: number of downloads link: link (URL) to file key words: text field LOCK 16-security-lock-open.png: user can lock file for editing (adding new version), download is sill possible.

NEW - File comments

File comment.png

You can write a comment for each file write (eg. changes in the file, the new version). You can send e.mail notification with a comment and a link to the file via e-mail.

NEW - File link

You can send one (click) or more links (ctrl, shift + click) to files by e-mail notification Email.gif.

E-mail notification

  • to members of project team
  • have access to folder with document
  • are active users (normal, guest or admin access)

File history

File history.png
  • versions (all)
  • downloads (click to file)
  • sent emails (as comment or link) with sender and recipient(s)
  • name history

File search

Document search is possible in folder and sub-folders.

  1. enter text in search field View.gif
  2. click icon SEARCH View.gif

4PM displays a list of files that contain search text. 4PM displays only files that are in folders a user can see.

Search uses:

  • text content (Word, Excel, pdf)
  • document name
  • key words
  • up-load date.

TIP If you do not know the location (folder) of a file, select the top folder you know and enter search text.

Standard folders

You can edit standard project folders in tab DOCUMENTS / STANDARD FOLDERS

  • click + ADD to add standard folder
  • enter folder name
  • select if this is standard folder for
    • all active projects
    • only selected project group
    • only selected project module
  • each standard folder can have sub-folders

Only admin user can edit standard folders. Users cannot rename subfolders, they can add sub-folders and upload documents. [[File:DMS_standard_folders.JPG |thumb]

Where can I upload documents

  1. tab DOCUMENTS: direct upload to selected folder (use icon [file:10.IkonaDodajDokument.jpg‎])
  2. TASKS, MILESTONES, MEETINGS in My 4PM, in Project, lists...
    1. upload to field description or
    2. upload to comment (use icon [file:IkonaPriponka.JPG‎])
  3. FINANCE - direct upload to folder FINANCE (use icon [file:IkonaPriponka.JPG‎])
  4. PORTAL - upload to portal section
  5. COMMENTS - upload to text file (use icon [file:IkonaPriponka.JPG‎])