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New person entry VnosOseb1.jpg

Follow these steps to enter new person:

  1. select tab: internal, external, contacts
  2. click ADD to open a form
  3. select an organization from drop-down list
  4. fill-in required fields: NAME, FAMILY NAME and E-MAIL
  5. fill-in missing fields if available
  6. optional - add contact details for other organizations.

Internal Co-worker and External data


Work position.JPG

Enter the number of employee. Number of employee is required to

  • enter the travel orders (numbering),
  • classification of employees REVIEWS / PRESONNEL WORK and
  • integration with other information systems.

Select working position. If a work position has a job descriptions using list of activities, here are displayed activity which a person should performs.


Work group.JPG

A person may be a member of various working groups. Working group assist the addition of a large number of employees on projects and assignments.



Hourly rate is set to the individual for a type of project in a specified period. This means that all entries of the work, which are carried out in a given period are calculated using recorded hourly to get personnel costs by projects. A person can have for different types of projects varying hourly fee.

  • Hourly fee - set for person (multiple hourly fees can differ between projects, periods)
  • Hourly fee - set for person for project (one hourly fee valid for a single project)

An individual can have set a single project hourly rate for a particular project, in this case the individual has a single hourly rate for the entire duration of the project (for example, the average hourly wage).

Complex projects (type: partner, cross-border cooperation, SEE) it is possible to manually change the different hourly rates for an arbitrary level of the reporting period of the project.


Individual user:

  • Limit backward/forward hours entry - application setting:
    • If the setting is ON, then each users should have set work recording limit in days (default value is 7 days backward, 1 day forward).
    • If the setting is OFF, then users can record work without time limits.
  • Daily hours limit: maximal number of working hours per user per day


  • Default approver of travel orders (possible to choose from a list)
  • Default liquidator of travel orders (possible to choose from a list)
  • can approve travel orders - confirm travel orders before travel
  • can settle travel order - liquidation of travel order statements.

Precision for entering hours

overtime budget

management of other persons work entries

  • select users for management of their work entries
  • set rights:
    • Nastavitve oko2.jpg can see work entries
    • Nastavitve plus.jpg can add new entries and edit them
    • Nastavitve svincnik.jpgcan edit all entries
    • Nastavitve radirka.jpg can delete all entries
    • Nastavitve kljucavnica.jpgcan lock for editing, adding new, deleting.


  • Overview of project that person is a team member, with project role and project group. If a user has set PROJECT GROUP RIGHTS, they are displayed below.
  • Same overview can be found in tab OVERIVEWS / TEAM MEMBERS.