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Access Rights

  • active access - a list of users with active access (user is active, and has active access with valid password and user name)
    EN Users reset.JPG
    • users that are marked with grey do not have active access (invalid password).
  • guest access - users from other organization with limited (read-only) access to project portals
  • inactive access - persons in 4PM without access to the application. They are not active, they do not have active password or user name.
    EN Users.JPG


Application administrator can use reset icon' ResetPass.gif to send user e-mail instructions to reset his/hers password in the list ACTIVE ACCESS.
E mail password guest.JPG

  • e-mail is valid only 24 hours for security reasons
  • user must follow the link in the e-mail and the PIN number.

How can I block access to 4PM user?

  1. go to tab ACCESS / USERS > ALL to find a person.
  2. click the name of the person and open the form.
  3. un-check box at access
  4. un-check user groups
  5. save

It is possible to "deactivate" user in tab RESOURCES / PERSONNEL / person.

Important to know

  • simple access rights include project access rights (project team member, project manager, all projects)
  • advanced access rights does not include project access rights. Project access rights are set according to project role.