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Cash flow

Project cash flow en.JPG

4PM supports planning and monitoring project cash flow. Financial events (cost or income) can be planned in advance. They can be connected to:

  • milestones (task end date) or
  • special dates.

This enables application and project managers to overtake the accounting (finance) department. 4PM collects individual project cash flow plans on the organization level.

Cash flow:

  • select the period to monitor cash flow plan and cost realization
  • select financial event to monitor: cost, income, monthly sum
  • 3 colours:
    • light - plan
    • in the legend - actual assembled costs
    • dark - actual costs higher than plan, or not included in the plan

Cash flow plan

Project cash flow en2.JPG
  1. click ADD to open form
  2. select type of entry: income or cost
    1. for costs: select cost type and organization
  3. connect to phase, task or milestone (optional)
  4. enter date – default date is end date of the selected phase, task. Default date can be optionally changed.
  5. Enter Due date and VAT (default value in set in the project scorecard)
  6. Enter Value and description

Repeat if necessary, planned incomes and costs are displayed in a table and in graph.

Actual cash flow

  1. click icon 4.2.9.ikonaKljukcaZelena.jpg to confirmthat financial event has occurred,
  2. enter missing data
  3. save

All confirmed entries are "moved" to cost and incomes. The action affects the graph display (change in colour). All confirmed financial events can bi accessed by clicking show confirmed.


  • green - income
  • red - outcome

Good to know

Costs or incomes that are entered directly to tab costs or incomes, are displayed in cash flow graph as unplanned events.