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Cost plan

Cost plan should be made for each project. Cost can be distributed among various cost types.

Cost planning setting

FP settings.JPG
  • Simple plan (list) - default cost plan setting by cost type. Project has single period (duration of the project), costs can be planned only for one organization (project contractor), overheads cannot be planned. If project phases are added after the financial plan is done, then phase inherits planned cost types.
  • Advanced plan (table) - the use is suitable for more complex projects: longer duration, have more than one partner. Various categories can be used to plan:
    • periods: periods must be set in advance (!) in scorecard (year, month, quarter). In this case, each cost type has a time plan, when it will occur. This method of planning is for longer projects, with variable cost dynamic through project life-cycle. If cost type has equal costs in all periods, then select all periods from-to. If cost type has different value in each period, than each period is in own row.
    • organizations - if project participants come from various organizations (i.e., subcontractors, suppliers, partners).
    • indirect costs (overheads) - various possibilities

Simple cost plan

Simple FP en.JPG
  • select if you plan by project or by phases (workpackage)
  • select cost type
  • enter value of the planned cost and
  • save.


  • Total cost plan sums all planned costs on project level and on phase level.
  • Travel costs must be planned in advance to report mileage and travel costs at work entry.
  • Personnel cost is system record and is connected to tasks and work reporting. If you plan project activities (tasks), than you must plan personnel cost, value can be 0.
  • To plan by phase you must plan them in tab tasks&milestones. If you plan phases after you have entered project financial plan, phases inherit planned cost type in the amount 0. Total cost plan is not changed.

Indirect costs (overheads)

Project or phase can have planned indirect costs (overheads). 4PM calculates value of indirect cost by predefined formulas:

  •  % of all cost
  • hours coefficient mode
  • fixed value

Proper planning facilitates the monitoring of the financial costs realization.

Indirect cost plan old.JPG

Edit plan *click 2.2.2.ikonaSvincnik.jpg to edit planned cost type.

Advanced plan