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4PM integrated advanced document management system supports:

  • arranged documents in project folders and sub-folders
  • easy editing of folder access rights
  • advanced search options for the documents (by content, title, date of publication)
  • version control and access to documents
  • multi-upload of documents
  • e-mail notifications of new/changed documents (send a link via e-mail).

More on 4PM Document management system is available here: 4PM Document management system

Project folders and documents

4PM includes several entry points for document up-load. The user selects the one corresponding to his level of rights or needs.

Each project has 4 sub-folders by default settings:

  • Tasks - all documents added to task or project comments and description fields.
  • Finance - documents added to cost and income entries.
  • Portals - documents added to project portal.
  • Last changes - last documents added or changed in a folder and its sub-folders (according to user access rights).
  • access to folders Tasks, Finance, Portals depends on access rights to corresponding functionalities.

Each folder can have new folders and sub-folders. Sub-folder inherits access rights of parental folder. Access rights can be modified.

Folder structure

The document management system is organized into project folders:

  • project groups folders
    • folders for each project
      • structure of folders and multiple sub-folders for each project.
  • non-project folders - folders that are not related to projects.
  • last modified - contains new documents (according to user access rights).

Adding new folder

New folder is created (added):

  1. Click the icon add folder 10.IkonaDodajMapo.jpg.
  2. Enter folder name.
  3. set access rights to documents in folder.
  • Use user groups (project roles) to select more users or
  • select individual users.
  1. If necessary select access rights for other users.
  2. save.

Folder access rights

Each folder can have sub-folders. When you add new sub-folder it inherits access rights of parental folder. Access rights of sub-folder can be modified by project role or by person.

  • icon view 10.IkonaOko.jpg - user can see documents in the folder
  • icon edit 2.2.2.ikonaSvincnik.jpg - user can edit documents in folder (change version, access to previous versions, meta-data.)
  • icon ? - persons have user group rights whit different access groups.
DMS folder rights.JPG

Folder settings: 10.IkonaMozicki.jpg.

Project role access rights

DMS project roles settings.JPG

You can also set project role has access to tab DOCUMENTS.

  • files - access to tab DOCUMENTS yes/no
  • finance files - upload documents in finance module as attachment
  • edit folder - if a person can add new folders
  • edit access to folders - if a person can edit folder access rights
  • standard folders -
  • folder status - adding status to folder - color marks

Uploading new files

New file1.JPG
  1. to start upload click the icon 10.IkonaDodajDokument.jpg.
  2. select file (from your computer)
  3. more than 1 file at once can be uploaded (use ctrl or shift).
  • Users of Internet Explorer should have installed latest version of Flash plug-in [[1]].
  1. confirm the selected files
  2. repeat if necessary.

When you finish the document up-load, you can:

  1. save uploaded documents or
  2. send e-mail notification with links to uploaded documents to selected 4PM users.
New file1 notify.JPG

To see the content of a folder (list of files), click the name of the folder (bold).

Project folder content.JPG

Document and e-mail notifications

Once document is up-loaded you can send e-mail notification with direct link to the document. User can open the document by following the link and entering access data to 4PM (user name and password).

E-mail notification can be sent to:

  • are members of project team (participants)
  • have access to folder with document
  • are active users.

4PM automatically selects (narrows) the list of possible recipients.

Where can I upload documents

  1. tab DOCUMENTS: direct upload to selected folder (use icon [file:10.IkonaDodajDokument.jpg‎])
  2. TASKS, MILESTONES, MEETINGS in My 4PM, in Project, lists...
    1. upload to field description or
    2. upload to comment (use icon [file:IkonaPriponka.JPG‎])
  3. FINANCE - direct upload to folder FINANCE (use icon [file:IkonaPriponka.JPG‎])
  4. PORTAL - upload to portal section
  5. COMMENTS - upload to text file (use icon [file:IkonaPriponka.JPG‎])

Change of document version in other parts of 4PM (tasks, comments)

  1. click icon [file:IkonaPriponka.JPG‎]) to start attaching documents
  2. in the list of folders find document you would like to change
  3. click icon [file:2.2.2.ikonaSvincnik.jpg] to start editing file
  4. select new file to upload
  5. save the upload SAVE
  6. attach link [file:4.2.9.ikonaKljukcaZelena.jpg]


Document search is possible in folder and sub-folders.

  1. enter text in search field
  2. click icon SEARCH or press ENTER

4PM displays a list of files that contain search text. 4PM displays only files that are in folders a user can see.

Search uses:

  • text content (Word, Excel, pdf)
  • document name
  • key words
  • up-load date.

TIP: If you do not know the location (folder) of a file, select the top folder you know and enter search text.

Document details

Each document (file) has history details and meta data - icon eye:

  • document history - versions - latest on top, accessible to all users, in all links to this document
  • document type,
  • user that uploaded document,
  • upload date,
  • document down-loads: who and when,
  • key words: use comma to separate,
  • text comments (not sent by e-mail),

LOCK: user can temporary lock file for editing (adding new version) MOVE: move file from one folder to another.

How can I check who has accessed my document in 4PM

Document deatils.JPG

Find your document:

  • use search function 2.2.2.ikonaLupa.jpg,
  • or find it in a folder,
  • click document details icon 10.IkonaOko.jpg.

In a table downloads you'll find list of all downloads.

Standard folders

You can edit standard folders in tab DOCUMENTS / STANDARD FOLDERS

  • click + ADD to add standard folder
  • enter folder name
  • select if this is standard folder for
    • all active projects
    • only selected project group
    • only selected project module
  • each standard folder can have sub-folders

Only admin user can edit standard folders. Users cannot rename subfolders, they can add sub-folders and upload documents.

DMS standard folders.JPG

Additional tips & tricks

Document management tutorial